Friday, April 1, 2011

Aqil kena FLU...

Today, Mama amik cuti coz aqil demam n selsema..cian dia.. ermm dah tau dah punca kena flu..coz dia ngan aiscream kacang dia xbleh dipisahkan..ari2 ngapp...pasni no more aiscream..Mama makan aiscream tu xpe.. :) 
Time anak kite demam ke selsema ke mesti kite xlena tido dibuatnye kan.. mesti nak pantau dia every hour.. mcm tu jugak laa saye mlm tadi..asyik terjaga coz aqil xselesa tido. Saye pun risau gak takut dia susah nak bernafas coz idung tersumbat.. saye nie terlalu berfikir.. doktor kata kanak2/babies even kite pun kalau selsema automatic akan bernafas ikut mulut kalau idung tersumbatkan... 
lagipun badan aqil agak panas sket mlm tadi,,tu yang risau takut2 demam dia makin tinggi,,sbb tu rasa risau sgt bila dia demam atau selsema nak2 3 serangkai sekali ngan batuk..Ya Allah kuminta kesihatan berpanjangan wat keluargaku..Amin..
So nie ade info sket pasal baby dan selsema tuk info ibu2/mama2/umi2/ n sumer.... info nie copy paste dr Kids Care Online hepi blogging... 
comel baby nie tido..syokk nyer kalau dapat triple twin camnie..

Aqil pun dah tido..xper dia perlu rehat yg xmor kacau dia! Jom baca info nie..sorry coz malehh nak convert language ke bahasa...

Beware, the flu that is not treated can be prolonged and result in respiratory tract infections in a more subtle or as bronkhiolitis known, namely inflammation of the airways in the lungs fine.
Causes bronkhiolitis usually occurs because of viral infection. Among others, adenovirus, RSV (Respitory Syncytial Virus) and parainfluenza. They are much affected by this bronkhiolitis are children under the age of the year (mostly age 3-6 months).
Observe if the child has the following symptoms:
* Started as usual cough.
* Slightly decreased appetite.
* Fever or body temperature is colder than usual.
* After one or two days, her breathing faster and more severe coughing and wheezing in the accompanied
* Looks like shortness of breath
Bronkhiolitis patients usually require inpatient treatment to overcome the shortness of breath. For mild cases will recover about one to two days. But not rare disease and had recovered about 5-12 days.
* To prevent and treat bronkhiolitis in children should:
* If you wear a mask so cold cough infant is not contagious.
* Wash your hands clean before handling a toddler.
* If children already cough colds, give plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration and thin the mucus.
* If the condition is severe enough, may need the help of oxygen toddlers

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